Returning Home. In various meanings.


Credits: Krzysztof Gonciarz, (VIDEO WITH ENGLISH  SUBTITLES TOO)

In July  it will be 10 years since I relocated to the UK from Poland and I  may be getting a little bit sentimental. This video from a Polish YouTuber who relocated to Japan, quite nicely potraits how I am feeling about my own home town I am very proud of- Wroclaw, my relation to it as it changes as the time passes and the beauty of the emigration- being able to see things with a different perspective, loosing something in one sphere and gaining in another. I would add to this, that in my opinion, it is not only “us” who gain from the migration experience. I think this is also valid for those who come to interact with us immigrants, or new comers even if this is “just” from a different part of the UK. Even though I  still didn’t convince anyone to drink black tea… Had some success with green tea though!;)

I once heard, that when you decide to emigrate, you stop being “at home” in your home country- for the exact reasons shown in the video- but you are never “at home” in the “new country”- it will either be your accent, your lack of cultural context, different childhood memories etc. that will unmask you. There are moments when I am asked about how I compare working in the UK with working in Poland. The truth is, I can’t really compare. I have been working longer in the UK than in Poland and I just don’t know anymore…

At the end of the day, this really isn’t about convincing anyone to black tea (or white). The green tea only seems to have that element of universalism…

I also  heard, that today’s organisation are that place of creation of the “third culture”, a source of an identity, code of conduct, values and behaviours. Where you can have a sense of belonging either you are from the same country or not. You share a common goal, passion for what you do and how, and you thrive on collaboration, ideas sharing, creation of outcomes of your work. Where it does not matter what accent do you speak with (again on the national or international level), as long as you have something to say or ask about. Where it does not matter how you drink your tea, as long as you are happy to contribute to the tea runs (some more than others….;). Or where it does not matter (at the end of the day) which football team you support in World Cup, as long as you are happy to support your own team on the daily basis.

It is rather symbolic, but when this year I was running my first ever half marathon (this may be a topic for a different post!), I was wearing proudly  that T-shirt with “Polska” on it (and I do believe it subconsciously contributed to my rather decent pace for my level!), and I felt at the same time a sense of “being at home” for running this in Chester. It both felt good, and not mutually excluding! And I am as proudly wearing Tshirt with my employer name when representing at different events…!


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